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Being a christian is the most amazing feeling I have ever had in my life, cause christianity is a lifestyle or a way of life whose aftermath is love. And as a christian we should know that love is the greatest commandment in the bible, for so being , you should be able to show our God how much you adore and love him through your appearance .

The way you appear before God does not only mean looking so gorgeous with your outfit, putting on those your lengthy heels ,taking good care of your health ,wearing your make up and so on but it also includes beautifying your inner self, beautifying your character ,making do of his will, working in the insight of God, having a knowledge of who he is , flowing with the holy spirit and so on .

For we are the temple of God ,therefore we should not violate his temple, we should always bring forth goodness ,we should manifest his glory ,make his temple clean and pure and always make him happy. it is good to always look nice and gorgeous but always make it satisfy, please and glorify God .

In this our race as a christian our appearance really matters a lot, don’t just go about cautioning people about the way they dress , caution yourself first ,for this is the desire of gGod being the owner of our body and soul. let’s all make him smile for he has always made us smile ,he has always been watching over us and he has always been good to us.let’s endeavor to return his kindness in this little way. transparency is the key. thank you God.



this world is filled with so many people with different but interesting lifestyle,but the way you attend to it matters a lot.

making cooking your lifestyle is not bad at all,but you not considering making a large portion of meal and distributing it to the needy at least once in a while is really awful and wrong

making sport your lifestyle is really not bad ,but you not thinking of that football talented boy living near your apartment and does not has someone to support him, is really wrong of you

making fashion a lifestyle is really fabulous ,but not giving your friend that has a lot of crazy ideas about fashion but does have a support a helping hand even when you are capable of it .that is not friendship.

i made music my lifestyle and am ready to worship my god with all of my heart, to reach out to the world ,to spread the news of my God around,to impact souls and to do his will.




waking so early in the morning,

looking out to my window,

feeling the fresh air,

the next thing i thought of was my phone,

unfortunately for me while running ,

i missed my step and i roll down the stairs,

i cried and wished i was never so addicted to my phone.

still feeling the pain and tears running down my cheek,

i remembered i haven’t taken my bath,

and i went straight to the bathroom,

but my addiction misled me again,

i had forgotten that my bathroom floor is always slippery,

out of excitement i ran to enter the bath tube,.

and i slipped again, but this time my addiction really made a whole mockery of me.

and i told my self that i will never be too addicted

human beings

human beings are wonderful creature dwelling on this earth and created by God.human being relating with one another is one of the works of God,cause without relating we can not recreate.i could still remember those days ,when i would be beaten because of my friend and i will still go back to that friend to play ,but now when a friend steps on you,in fact for weeks you will not talk to her, which is obviously bad.God wants us to be like children that forgives wholeheartedly and easily . my word for you is to love all human beings as yourself and behave like a child


beauty is all about your inner self

staring at the mirror

feeling the scars on my face

seeing some tiny spots on my face

making me feel absurd

suddenly i heard i voice whispered into my ears

saying”beauty is all about your inner self”

thinking of what to wear

searching so hard for what would suit my body

being slender got me wondering

what would make me look so fascinating

that voice whispered to me again

saying”beauty is all about your inner look”

getting a pair of heels that suits my outfit

seems stressful to start with

my black heels doesn’t suit my outfit

how about my favorite pink heels

it still doesn’t suit my outfit

and so i had the voice again

saying”beautify your inner character first before the outer look”.

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